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Mind Paper Pen is a consultancy firm. Our services will increase productivity and efficiency in your routine office work. We develop bespoke packages to make work of your organization efficient, easier and quicker.


Purvee Dagli is MBA qualified and having expertise in management and organising skills. She have over 7 years of experience as Administrator, Manager and as a Personal Assistant, along with strong ability to manage wide ranges of projects and specialized tasks in a timely and accurate manner. Her other strengths are...

  • Organizational skills:
    Good eye for details, excellent organising and management skills with accuracy, good understanding of organisational system; ability to re-organise or restructure in systematic manner reducing redundancy and ensuring greater efficiency of work

  • Team working skills:
    Able to lead and can become part of team there by creating smooth working environment
  • Excellent communication skills:
    Liaising with colleagues and members of the public in person and via the telephone. Also possess good customer service and relationship building skills.

  • Working under pressure:
    Able to meet deadlines of work with short notice and prioritize whilst maintaining consistently high standards
  • Computer literate:
    Well versed with Internet Research, Email Correspondence, MS office components- Word (Mail Merge), Excel (VLookups, Pivot Table), Power Point and Outlook with good typing skills.

  • Presentation Skills:
    Can confidently present any data or give presentation


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Founded by Purvee Dagli in response to a demand by the offices of various sectors for bespoke advice and support, Mind Paper Pen is becoming consultancy of choice for small and medium sized organisations seeking an objective, bespoke services.


My Desk Organiser

Are you having a messy desk?
Are your papers piling up and makes you feel miserable about your everyday work pressure?

If YES then you may need our Organize my desk service. It gives your desk not only a neater look but also makes you feel good about work you do..
• Paper Sorting and Arranging
• Organising Desk Items
• Computer Files and Folder Management
• Diary Management

Right Things and Right Place

As we all know first impression is the last impression! Motto of our Right Things and Right Place service is to help your company office to gain more space at work and give office a professional look. It creates feel good factor to your employees and wonderful image in your Clients eyes.

• Arrangement
• Space creating
• Managing from available space

Easy Work and Time Saver

Do you have too much documentation and paper work?
Do you find difficulty in tracing a record or data?

This service will help you build an efficient and effective filing and data management system. It enhances your productivity, make you stress free and saves your lot of time at work and gives you chance to work on your KEY areas.
• Record Updating
•Organised Filing System
•Indexing and File Management

Easy Work and Time Saver

•Redesigning Documents (Invoice, Presentation Document, Letter, Report, Forms)
•Designing Formats (Spreadsheets, Word Document, Questionnaire, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Report, Feedback Form)
•Correspondence (Email, Letter, Fax, Document processing)
•Research (Internet – Searching Information, Finding Data and Images)
•Reminder Service
•Database Management
•Customized Software

Perfect Presentation

Give a whole new creative and perfect look to way your company presents it paper work and presentation. Just we need basic data from you and you will see an appreciable change on all your paper work and your all types of presentations.

• Designing Format for Documents (Invoice, Statement, Report, Documentation)
• Presentation Preparation (Document, Powerpoint, Report)

Personalized Concept

This service provides tailor made work system as per your specifications and requirements. Helping you build a user friendly work system.

• Tailor made work system
• Proper channelization of resources available
• Knowing Employees
• Delegation of Responsibilities
• Training Staff
• Motivating Staff
• Professional approach

Find A Way Out

Need an idea or solution to your problem. Find a Way Out service gives simple and easy solutions to your routine work and office chores. Idea that really works!

• Idea and Conceptualisation
• Re Modeling
• Planning
• Report Making
• Execution
• Review
• Final Implementation

System Tracker

After taking services from us if you feel need or want your new developed working pattern to be maintained by us then System Track service is there for you. It tracks your system for short term period to long term period helping you run your work smoothly, systematic and stress free all time.

• File Track
• Data Track
• Work System Track

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people say

Purvee is very talented, hard working and faithful. I wish her all the best for her future.
– Mr. Kanubhai R. Shah, Director, Sun Consultancy

You are one the best employees to work with.
- Mr. Narendra Bhatia, Director, Raja Builders

"Purvee is a hard worker who gets things done. She was involved in the administration and management of over 200 commercial/residential units. In her time at our company she quickly commanded the jobs asked of her. More than this, she improved existing systems with her ideas Purvee demonstrated excellent organisation and attention to detail. Often working alone, she is clearly self motivated and ambitious. She is very flexible in her skill-set which allowed her to successfully carry out her job. She is a positive person and this is reflected in her work. She was able to gain a good knowledge of the everyday running of a performing business.We would not hesitate to recommend Purvee as someone who can produce excellent results.' -Mr. Ibrahim Al-Khalil, Manager, Minds Ltd.

I would highly recommend Mind Paper Pen services! The idea and implementation of re designed "delivery order form" was very useful and it made huge difference and covered all the loopholes like missing product, pending deliveries, process interaction and delivery of product on time. That is excellent. Purvee demonstrates error free performance and management skills and has the ability to help her clients by suggesting what she thinks would help them and their business. The work pattern and data management system she implemented produced high quality output and well controlled management. This is a true achievement. - Mr. Hitendra Shah, Director, Arihant Belting Pvt. Ltd.


take a look at what we have done

Our Clientele

  1. Minds Ltd.
    London, United Kingdom
  2. Arihant Belting Pvt. Ltd.
    Surat, Gujarat
  3. Jem Laser Technology Pvt. Ltd.
    Surat, Gujarat
  4. Sun Consultancy
    Mumbai, India

What we have done

  • Minds Ltd. (London, United Kingdom)
    Minds Ltd. Provides both commercial and residential property space in West and North-West London.
  • • Updating records and consistent in maintaining the system

    • Invoice Tracker

    • Designing Format and handling records of all properties

    • Work prioritizing

    • Computer Files and Folder management

    • Deal with Complex accounts

    • On time raising invoices and issuing cheques to suppliers

    • File Management

    • Designed Welcome pack for Business Center

  • Arihant Belting Pvt. Ltd. (Surat, Gujarat)
    Arihant Belting Pvt. Ltd. is a dealer of all types of Industrial belts like V-Belts, Timing belts, Cogged Belts, Flat belts to industries and retailers in Gujarat.
  • • Format designing of Delivery Order Form

    • Interaction of Process

    • Delegation of Responsibilities

    • Labeling System

    • Quality Check

    • Format Designing of system tracker

    • Assisted in Tender documentation

    • Customized Format Designing of Daily and Weekly Report for all departments
  • Jem Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Surat, Gujarat)
    Company deals in laser embroidery machines where they manually install laser technology in embroidery machines and also takes job work.
  • • Re modeling work structure

    • Delegation of Responsibilities

    • Diary Management

    • Re organized Filing system

    • Designed Reports, Statements, Daily and Weekly Reports

    • Designed Spreadsheets for Marketing and Finance Department

    • Prepared presentation

    • Re launch of Product
  • Sun Consultancy (Mumbai, India)
    Sun Consultancy is a share trading and mutual fund investment firm.
  • • Diary Management

    • Re organized Filing system

    • Designed Reports, Statements

    • Designed Spreadsheets for R & D Department


Our Latest Projects
  • Kashish Holidays

    Surat, Gujarat

    Kashish Holidays is a tour operator. They offer a wide range of customized domestic as well as international tour packages.

    We are developing a work system for Kashish Holidays which will make their existing method more organised and systematic. We are also designing new formats for reporting as well as for the operations department to make their work run smoothly.
  • Company name (Hidden for confidentiality purpose)

    Mumbai, India

    We are helping in preparation of Credit Assessment Memo.
  • For more information on details of project we work upon please email us on info@mindpaperpen.com

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